There are some distros that are famous and most recommended for their usability, stability & performance in Linux servers, Usually, Linux is bundled with Apache, MySQL, and localized server setup like LAMPP. All these packages are included with ubuntu to make it more useful and that’s why ubuntu is one of the best distros in Linux server distros

Ubuntu Server: ubuntu server is a server that is Linux based operating system or a distro, which is developed by Canonical and open source programmers from all over the world. Which works with nearly any kind of hardware low end or high end and any kind of virtualization platform. Ubuntu can be used by hosting websites, file-sharing mediums, containers, and many more.

Ubuntu is famous because of its stability and great performance and best user base and huge support system. Its clean & easy installation attracts users to use ubuntu and mostly because of its great performance in lower hardware but in the performance section ubuntu is best because of its usability, stability, and lower uses of background resources which makes ubuntu faster one more reasons which can be included with it which is it has no GUI(Graphical User Interface) Support this without (GUI) support may be another cause to avoid ubuntu server but many user might be satisfied because of its long term user support.