Linux is a free and open source OS (operating system) which is the software that directly manages a full system’s hardware and resources such as CPU, GPU, Storage, Memory, and a set of drivers which creates a great combination of a great software.

Here, we will list the top 5 Linux server distributions of 2022 based on the following considerations: data center capabilities and reliability in relation to supported functionalities and hardware, ease of installation and use, cost of ownership in terms of licensing and maintenance, and accessibility of commercial support.

are the top 5 linux server which is modern and user-friendly and useful in 2023,

1.Ubuntu: Ubuntu is in the top list, ubuntu is an open source debian based operating system which was created and developed by canonical and being an open source distro programmers from all over the world are involved with it and that’s why their is no doubt that ubuntu is the best and most popular Linux distros And many other distributions are derived from it. Ubuntu server is acceptable to all reputated client or everywhere because of its top performance, flexibility, stability, highly scaleable, and highly secure data center.

2.Open-Suse: Open suse is also an open source secure , stable and performance based linux distro and cloud based platform which was built by SUSE, it was developed for physical, virtual and cloud based server. It is well suited for cloud solutions  for visualization and containers with  customer support. It can run in modern chips too such as INTEL, AMD, ARM, SAP HANA, z Systems, and NVM Express through Fabrics. It has a strong technical support and services in so many categories like  priority support, dedicated support engineer, Through SUSE Subscription user can get more benefits.

3.Debian: Debian is open source , completely free, stable, feature rich distro which is developed and maintained by its users community. It has so many uses because of its useful package management system, these packages works like module which are useful in its specific work that’s why debian comes with beautiful UI, its being used by many organizations, Educational institutions, business owners, government organization and also non profitable organizations.

4.Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): In second position the RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a powerful distro which is an open source linux distro like others, this distro was designed and developed by Red Hat, not only personal use but also commercial use. It is based on Fedora Linux which is another distro of linux. Red Hat is a community based project, here all the great deal of necessary and useful softwares are available on RHEL only for its users, The first testing session was on Fedora during its development perios.

5.CentOS (Community OS) Linux Server: Cent OS is lightweight, simple, stable open source distro which is derived with Read Head Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It has a huge community support base but if you want to take full advantage of RHEl without paying or considering a large amount of money via subscription then you must use cent os.