What is WordPress?:

WordPress is a CMS(Content Management System) which allows users to host and build websites. WordPress has a theme store that allows users to use a huge collection of customizing materials like themes, and modules which allow users to get advantages and add some special features to the website which creates the website more attractive and useful. You can create and customize any kind of website in a few steps in WordPress like Blog, Magazine, Sports, or Fitness, or Portfolio website in a few steps.

What are the uses of WordPress?

WordPress is mostly used for hosting websites, it has multiple uses it might be someone’s portfolio, some people use WordPress as their online business platform, some of their uses as a development section but most people use WordPress as Blogging, most shocking thing is now in the whole world more than 85% websites are built with WordPress it’s huge in number but that’s the real cause its user-friendliness and easy to use features. And everything became easy with all the useful plugins most of them are free but feature riched and some of the plugins or themes are premium which users can buy from the official way or any other sources, marketplaces, or directly from the creator.