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WHMCS Hosting Cart - Order Form is a high quality, native, responsive, modern, colorful and fully Advanced complete WHMCS order form template, created by experienced WHMCS developers. 100% of it's code is written by using native WHMCS function, so it is much faster and secure than other similar order forms available on market today. This order form template is based on WHMCS - "Standard Cart".

Plus – we love mobile-first designs – that’s why we used Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome icon, CSS3 and HTML5 techniques with smooth color combination to make sure that your order form would look great on all mobile devices, tablets, full-screen previews and pages with many WHMCS based products and groups.

This advanced WHMCS order form template is fully compatible with any versions of WHMCS SIX client area template. it support any whmcs based client area templates which have Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome icon inside in it.

Dependencies: This order form required Bootstrap 3 and font awesome icon inside your client area template to works properly. Don't worry, already WHMCS SIX Template having all of them and normally all client area templates made with Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome icon inside in it.

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Installation link

It is very obvious that you need to install WHMCS Hosting Cart Order Form template to use it. Don't worry, it's very simple to install and use. You can unzip the downloaded "" file and upload the unzipped files inside WHMCS installation Directory using an FTP program.

 Navigate to: WHMCS Root (installation) Directory > templates > orderforms

After completion of upload, logged into your WHMCS Admin Area and

Navigate to: Setup > General Settings

Select the Ordering tab
Select our (RS Whmcs Hosting Cart) order form template from the Default Order Form Template section.

Finally, click Save Changes.
For more information please go to the below WHMCS Offiocial Doc Website URL
That's it. Installation Complete.
Also, you can see video tutorials for installation of our WHMCS Hosting Cart Order Form template from here.


WHMCS Hosting Cart Order Form template is highly customizable. If you want to customise the design, follow the instruction.

Note: Normally you don't need to customize it. It is already having very good design and advanced functionality built in it. But, if you want some more. Then, here you go!

Please follow below sections for more ADVANCED customization.

Colors link

WHMCS Hosting Cart Order Form having 100+ colors in it. You can customize. Following file contain all color code.

	css > style.css
	and / or
	css > styles.min.css

We are using
for file compression cause. In case if you change anything in the
file it will not work. You have to change it on the

All color code are using class
.rs-color-{1 to 111 auto generated numbers}
Let's say, if you change the color inside from
to another color then it will change everywhere we used the
CSS classes.
Moreover, Inside your any product groups you can add 111+ product with color support. From the 112 product on any group, you will see no color at all. It means, just normal black text and white background color. Those black texts and white background color are also gorgeous.

Pricing Chart link

WHMCS Hosting Cart Order Form template having 3-8 different variations of design to show itself on the products pricing chart page. But 3 different kinds of design are hidden. If you want to use those 3 designs you need to edit

products.tpl file at line 66 and/or 68
div class code and add
CSS class. You can't use all three designs at the same time. You can use only one design at a time.

Tips and Tricks:
Let's say; you have two product group. Then, you can copy the cart template and rename with two names and upload both of them inside whmcs installation directory
	WHMCS root installaion direcory > templates > orderforms > upload our templates here
make sure to add
CSS class any one of them template
products.tpl file at line  66 and/or 68
before upload on the (orderforms) directory. Add any one of them as default cart template from
	admin > general settings > ordering tab
whmcs admin area settings. And, the final stage is when you add product group. Just choose from any of the uploaded templates from Default Order Form Template selection.

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