#1 Installation 🔗

Installing Flip Hosting Cart in your WHMCS is a straightforward process. Just follow the General Installation instructions provided below, and you'll have everything set up quickly. Additionally, we offer Premium Installation support for those who need further assistance. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

#1.1 General Installation 🔗

To begin, navigate to the downloaded products directory and locate the folder named Upload. Next, proceed to upload all the included files from the Upload folder into your WHMCS root directory using your preferred method, such as FTP, cPanel, SSH, or any other suitable program.


Within the downloaded products directory, locate the compressed file named Upload.zip. Upload this Upload.zip archive directly into your WHMCS root directory via FTP, cPanel, SSH, or your chosen application. Once the upload is complete, extract the contents of the Upload.zip file within your WHMCS root directory.


Access your WHMCS Admin Area. From the top menu, go to System Settings (Setup) > General Settings. Then, under the Ordering tab, choose Flip Hosting Cart as the default order form for all your products. Don't forget to Save the Changes to update your settings.

The installation has been successfully completed.

#1.2 Premium Installation 🔗

If you find yourself lacking the time or the necessary technical expertise, there is an avenue for assistance. You can reach out to our dedicated technical team through various channels: contact form, email, or engage in a live chat. Our team will then provide you with comprehensive details via email. They can install the product as demonstrated in our demo or, if your WHMCS already contains product data, the order form will automatically integrate your previous information.

Our dedicated support team will grasp your requirements and offer you a reasonable price quote. If your needs are basic, you can refer to this page. For assistance at a medium to advanced level, you can explore custom work arrangements with our support team. You can initiate this through the request a quote form, via email: ractstudioteam@gmail.com, or engage in a live chat.

To facilitate the installation process, you will need to provide specific data: product purchase verification details, FTP/cPanel credentials, WHMCS admin information, product specifications, and detailed descriptions of your ideas.

#2 Primary Setup 🔗

The setup process for installing the order form is straightforward. Before proceeding, ensure that you have WHMCS installed on your server. You have the flexibility to add your hosting and domain-related products either prior to or after installing the order form. Feel free to choose the approach that suits your preferences without any concerns.

If you have existing products within your WHMCS setup, these products will seamlessly integrate with our order form if you designate our order form as the default option.

Additionally, should you wish to, you can opt to use our order form as a secondary choice. Further insights on this can be found here. This can be particularly advantageous if you intend to use it solely for the specific product group pricing page. You can configure this option for each individual product group on its respective product group options page.

We highly recommend that you consider setting our order form as the default option for all your products. Our order form has been meticulously designed to function as the primary order form, contributing to a distinctive appearance for your WHMCS site compared to others.

#2.1 Domain Lookup Provider 🔗

Our order form does not have compatibility with WHMCS NAMESPINNING. It is crucial that you avoid utilizing this domain lookup provider for your website.

We provide full support for STANDARD WHOIS. We highly recommend utilizing this domain lookup provider for your website.

We also provide support for domain lookup providers based on various Domain Registrars.

On to the Domains/TLDS Price Setup page right-hand side, you will find the "Lookup Provider" section.
Once you've selected your preferred domain lookup provider, a "Configure Lookup Provider" modal/window will appear. In this modal, we encourage you to select a substantial number of domains from the multi-selection box to enhance the functionality of the "Suggested Domains" feature on your website.
We suggest choosing more than 10 top-level domains (TLDs) but fewer than 100 from the multi-selection box. Additionally, opt for popular domains (TLDs) to maximize the effectiveness of this feature.
Please ensure the removal of cached files located within the whmcs root directory > templates_c directory. However, please retain the index.php file within that directory, if it exists. This should be done subsequent to your selection of the Domain lookup provider.

#3 Pricing Chart 🔗

This section is of utmost importance within the documentation. Here, you will gain insight into designing and formatting text for your product descriptions. The product description serves to showcase your product's features and functionalities to your customers. You have the opportunity to enhance your product descriptions in various ways, aiding customers in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your products prior to making a purchase.

#3.2 Product Description 🔗

Below are some HTML code examples for creating tooltips within your product descriptions.

Blue Info
Red Info
Green Info

Similarly, here are HTML code examples to include check marks in your product descriptions.

In addition, you can utilize these HTML code examples to incorporate cross marks into your product descriptions.

To ensure precise text alignment in your product descriptions, you can make use of this HTML code for creating empty space.

Incorporate external images into your product description using the following HTML code.

Incorporate Font Awesome 5 icons into your product description using the HTML code below. Choose from a wide range of icons to suit your content.

Below are additional HTML code examples that you can utilize within your product description.

#3.3 Product Description Samples 🔗

To assist you, we've provided a selection of practical product description samples below. Feel free to copy and paste these into your WHMCS product description box, customizing the text to align with your preferences.

Please note that these samples will only function effectively when integrated with one of our WHMCS-based order forms for the product group, or as the default order form.

#3.3.1 Sample 01 🔗

Kindly replace the provided ractstudio.com link with your own image link. Should you prefer, you have the option to download these images and subsequently upload them to your server for usage. It is essential to ensure that the link's format remains consistent and refrain from using https: at the beginning of the link.
10 GB SSD StorageAnytime, customer can upgrade to a bigger package
01 Website
No Free Domain

MySQL UnmeteredLeft side ICON IMAGE added by using HTML "IMG" tag. Email Unmetered Subdomain Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered
WordPress ManagerUnlimited numbers of info tags and icons can be added into product description Cloudflare Integrated

Demo Link: https://demo.ractstudio.com/fliphostingcart/store/shared-hosting

#3.3.2 Sample 02 🔗

100 GB SSD Storage
Unmetered Website
01 Free Domain *Free domain is only for 1st year, next year domain must be renewed for use

MySQL Unmetered Email Unmetered Subdomain Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered
WordPress Manager Cloudflare Integrated

Demo Link: https://demo.ractstudio.com/fliphostingcart/store/shared-hosting

#3.3.3 Sample 03 🔗

200 GB disk space 
4000 GB bandwidth 
Unlimited websites
Free cPanel and WHM No Money, No Honey!!
Free WHMCS Licences
Free SSL certificate 

Demo Link: https://demo.ractstudio.com/fliphostingcart/store/reseller-hosting

#3.3.4 Sample 04 🔗

It is essential to ensure that your client area theme incorporates FontAwesome 5+ version Icons CSS. If your theme does not support Font Awesome 5, the usage of these icons will not be feasible.
4 Core CPU 
240 GB SSD 
Unmetered Bandwidth

Demo Link: https://demo.ractstudio.com/fliphostingcart/store/vps-server

#3.3.5 Sample 05 🔗

It is essential to ensure that your client area theme incorporates FontAwesome 5+ version Icons CSS. If your theme does not support Font Awesome 5, the usage of these icons will not be feasible.
6 core / 12 thread
Intel CPU
1000 GB SSD
Unmetered Bandwidth
Linux or Windows OS

Demo Link: https://demo.ractstudio.com/fliphostingcart/store/dedicated-server/

#3.3.6 Sample 06 🔗

Instant Activation
Up to 250 Active Clients
100% Safe & Secure
Realtime update from WHMCS

We do not install or configure WHMCS for our license buyer

Demo Link: https://demo.ractstudio.com/fliphostingcart/store/other-products

#4 Background Images 🔗

Our intention is to empower you to showcase your product using your unique visual elements. To facilitate this, we have included four (04) interchangeable background images. This feature offers you the flexibility to modify and enhance the design of the order form to align with your preferences. While this is optional, implementing your distinct style through these images can elevate the overall aesthetics of your site's design.

#4.1 Header Background 🔗

To proceed, access the path whmcs root directory > templates > orderforms > flip_hosting_cart > img. Here, replace the existing bg_pages_header.jpg image with your new image.

For optimal performance, kindly compress the image to ensure swift page loading times. Recommended dimensions are approximately (Width: 1920px, Height: 600px).

#4.2 Domain Register Background 🔗

To proceed, navigate to the following path: whmcs root directory > templates > orderforms > flip_hosting_cart > img. Then, replace the current bg_domain_register.jpg image with your new image.

For improved page loading times, we recommend compressing the image to an appropriate size. Suggested dimensions are approximately (Width: 1920px, Height: 1200px).

#4.3 Domain Transfer Background 🔗

To proceed, access the following path: whmcs root directory > templates > orderforms > flip_hosting_cart > img. Then, replace the existing bg_domain_transfer.jpg image with your new image.

For enhanced page loading times, we advise compressing the image to an appropriate size. Recommended dimensions are approximately (Width: 1920px, Height: 1200px).

#4.4 Choose a Domain Background 🔗

To proceed, navigate to the following path: whmcs root directory > templates > orderforms > flip_hosting_cart > img. Then, replace the current bg_configure_product_domain.jpg image with your new image.

To ensure optimal page loading times, it is advisable to compress the image to a suitable size. We recommend approximate dimensions of (Width: 1920px, Height: 1200px).

#5 Customization 🔗

Our proficiency lies in customizing our own products, alongside a diverse range of services such as WordPress development, WHMCS integration, Linux server management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Data Scraping, AI-generated Articles, Auto Blogging, Website Speed Optimization, Website Backup and Migration, and more. Explore our comprehensive Services page to gain insight into our offerings.

If you possess a specific project concept, share the details with us, and we'll furnish you with an estimated cost for the endeavor.

We consistently prioritize furnishing exceptional services at the most competitive rates. You can place your trust in us to deliver the utmost quality service.

Are you nurturing a creative project vision? Do not hesitate to reach out to us and share your ideas. We are committed to exerting our best efforts to transform your concepts into reality.

#6 License 🔗

We are using Envato market's Standard License to licencing our softwares. We are selling Regular License for one website of every purchase of our product. If you planned to use our product for more than one website, therefore you have to purchase new license for your each website.

Also, if you are a software company and want to attach codes of our softwares into your software, therefore you have to purchase an Extended License for each software package you are selling or distributing. You can not attach our product/software with your freely available software. Our every product license comes with 6 months general customer support. You can also extend the general customer support to one (01) year, when you purchase our product.

We are not providing any FREE installation or customization for our customers. You can ask us to install or customize the product to your website using our Premium Installation or Customization services. Please refer to the Customization and Installation section of this doc for more information about premium services.

#6.1 Money Return Policy 🔗

Our Refund Policy is consistent with the Envato Market Refund Rules. Also, you can learn that "How can I Get A Refund?".

#6.1.1 Acceptable Refund Request? 🔗

As we are the creator and owner of our item on Envato Market, we are responsible to you for ours item you purchase.

  • Item is “not as described as the documentation, product page or live preview (demo)”;
  • Item doesn’t work the way it should;
  • Item has a security vulnerability and not repairable;
  • Items that have not been downloaded;

#6.1.2 Unacceptable Refund Request? 🔗

If the item is materially similar to the description and preview and works the way it should, there is generally no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

  • you don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it;
  • the item did not meet your expectations;
  • you simply change your mind;
  • you bought an item by mistake;
  • you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;
  • you ask for goodwill; or
  • you can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).
If we can’t come to an agreement about a refund, you can raise a dispute and have Envato investigate the matter. They will make a decision based on all available information and you agree that our decision is final.

#7 Support 🔗

We offer multiple avenues and platforms to extend support to our valued customers. The following options are presently at your disposal for seeking assistance from our team.

#7.1 Community Forum Support 🔗

We maintain a vibrant community forum designed for individuals like you seeking answers to a spectrum of technology-related inquiries. This platform hosts distinct sub-forums dedicated to each of our products, alongside a variety of other technology-focused sections. This enables you to both seek assistance and contribute solutions to queries.

Access the Forum: Community Forum
Please ensure that you have registered an account and are logged in to your account. If you already possess an account but have forgotten your password, utilize the password reset function to regain access.

#7.2 Email Support 🔗

Our email support service is dedicated to assisting our verified customers with specific product-related inquiries. To avail this support, it is essential to have made a purchase of any of our products. Additionally, prior to making a purchase, you can also direct pre-purchase questions to us via email.

Support Email: ractstudioteam@gmail.com

#7.3 Support Ticket 🔗

Our support ticket service is exclusively available to our verified customers for specific products. It is essential to have made a purchase of any of our products to access this service. You have the option to ask pre-purchase questions or initiate technical support inquiries through our ticket system.

Access Support Ticket: Open New Ticket
Please ensure that you have registered an account and are logged in to your account. If you already possess an account but have forgotten your password, utilize the password reset function to regain access.

#7.4 Live Chat Support 🔗

We extend live chat support to all individuals seeking assistance. Our live chat is a valuable resource where we offer guidance to users who frequent our website, aiding them in selecting the appropriate products or services. Please don't hesitate to utilize our live chat whenever it is available. However, do note that we may not be online at all times. If you encounter us offline, alternative communication channels are also at your disposal.

Access Live Chat: Open Live Chat

#7.5 Premium Support 🔗

We offer premium support services to individuals seeking assistance. For those who require premium customized support for any of our products, we kindly request the provision of product purchase verification. Furthermore, we extend our expertise to encompass not only our product-related services but also a diverse array of technology-related solutions. To explore our extensive offerings, you can navigate to our products page and services page. We also cater to custom technology tasks.

Request a Quote: Request a Quote

#8 Updates 🔗

To update the product, begin by deleting the previous product from your hosting space. Then, refer to the Installation section to reinstall the product within your WHMCS platform.

Removing the previous order form will not erase the current product details from your WHMCS database. Upon uploading and activating the new product, the prior data will be seamlessly integrated.
It's important to note that removing the previous order form will also eliminate any modifications you had made to our product files (e.g., .tpl or .css files). To retain these changes, you will need to reintegrate them into our new product version.

We have planned to consistently update and enhance our product with each WHMCS production version update. To ensure clarity and compatibility, we've aligned our product versioning with the WHMCS versioning system. This approach simplifies understanding which version of our product is compatible with a specific WHMCS production update or upgrade.

#8.1 General Updates 🔗

Latest Available Version (v8.8).

We kindly request that you update the product to the most recent version. It's important to note that any modifications you had made to our previous order form templates will not be retained after updating to this new version. This iteration introduces a host of new features and functionalities. We highly recommend performing the update at your earliest convenience.

#8.2 Security Updates 🔗

There are currently no security updates available.

#8.3 Features Updates 🔗

This version (v8.8) constitutes a Feature Update for this product. We recommend thoroughly testing it in a local environment (if feasible) before deploying it to your production environment. This update introduces numerous exciting features that enhance the product's capabilities. We encourage you to update the product at your earliest convenience.

#8.4 Other Updates 🔗

Currently, there are no other updates available.

#8.5 Product Changelog 🔗

Currently, we do not maintain a changelog for this product. However, if we decide to implement a product changelog in the future, you will find it accessible here.

#9 Feedback 🔗

We actively gather feedback from our esteemed customers regarding our products and services. This proactive approach allows us to identify areas for improvement and refine our offerings for future enhancements. This iterative process is designed to benefit our customers who utilize our products and services. We invite you to utilize our feedback form to share your insights and assessments of our products and services. Your feedback, whether positive or constructive, is highly valued as it contributes to our continuous growth and enhancement. We sincerely encourage all forms of commentary and critique from our valued customers.

#9.1 Rate Product 🔗

We kindly request you to take a moment and share your feedback by rating the product you are currently utilizing. Your valuable rating contributes significantly to our product's visibility and assists potential customers in making informed decisions. By rating our product on both the WHMCS Marketplace and Codecanyon (Envato) product pages, you contribute to our growth and enable us to enhance our offerings further. Your increased support translates to an improved service experience for you and all our customers.

We express our sincere gratitude for your valuable contributions and ratings for this product.

#9.2 Suggest a Feature 🔗

If you have ideas for enhancing our product through new features, or if you believe certain features are unnecessary and could be improved, we encourage you to utilize our Feature Suggestion Form.

Kindly ensure that your suggestion is clearly described, and provide accurate contact details. This will enable us to potentially reach out to you for additional information concerning your suggestion in the future.

#9.3 Report a Bug 🔗

If you encounter any issues, we welcome you to Report a Bug by completing the provided form. We kindly request that you include comprehensive information (such as detailed descriptions, screenshots, recorded videos, etc.) to aid us in understanding the issue. Moreover, if you have already found a solution, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share the solution details with us. Your contribution will greatly assist us in promptly improving the product. We sincerely appreciate your proactive support.