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What is HTML and how it works and all its uses?

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I am trying to create a webpage through HTMl but i don't have much knowledge about it, please describe.

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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language used to create websites and webpages. It is a markup language that is used to structure and present content on the Internet. HTML is the foundation of almost all web pages and websites on the Internet. HTML is made up of elements that are used to define the structure and content of a web page. It is used to create the structure of the page, including headings, paragraphs, and other elements. HTML also includes tags that are used to add styling and formatting to text, images, and other elements on the page. HTML is not a programming language, but it is used to create the structure of a web page that is then rendered by a web browser. HTML is an important tool for web developers, as it is the language that is used to create web pages on the Internet. HTML is a very versatile language, and it can be used to create almost any type of web page, from simple static web pages to interactive web applications. HTML is also used to add functionality to websites, such as online forms, animations, and interactive elements. HTML is an essential tool for creating a web presence, and millions of people around the world use it.



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